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Welcome to BUBBA’s BLOG. Today I want to discuss with you some of the pros and cons that comes along with living the life of your dreams (if you dream of being a barber of course). The ideal lifestyle of a barber or barber stylist varies depending on who you ask, some love the idea of being able to set their own hours, while others appreciate the atmosphere of camaraderie that a traditional barbershop provides. I have compiled a list of pros and cons of barbering as a career that may help you on your journey toward putting your future in your hands.



Being a barber means you’re your own boss. So most likely you’ll never be out of a job.


    A barber’s income is actually a decent income. Depending on how good the barber can cut, they can make great money. The better the barber’s skills, the more he or she can charge for their service. Not only does skills define their income, but also location. Smart barbers setup shop in locations were they know they can make the most money with the type of haircuts they know how to do, and the type of hair they know how to cut. In 2011, the annual income of a barber was $28,050. The top ten percent of the barber make an annual income of $46,000. The bottom ten percent had a annual income of $17,000. They sky is the limit.

Work hours….

    Becoming a barber comes with a lot of freedom, especially when it comes to working hours. A barber may choose his own time to go and leave the shop when ever he or she wants to. On the other hand, if you have a lot of clients, I’m sure they wouldn’t leave and miss out on all that money. Also you get vacation days when ever you want. Basically, you are your own boss. The only thing you have to do is pay your booth rent. A lot of jobs limit employees to how many hours they can work, and how much money they can make. Being a barber, you can work however long as you want to make as much money as you want.

Work attire….

    In the barbering industry, they don’t require you t o wear any special suit or shirt, only a barber jacket. This jacket can be designed any way you want. You have the freedom to wear anything you want, as long as it is presentable and professional.

Helping hand….

    Becoming a barber allows you to assist someone in feeling good about themselves, which builds there self-esteem. You may never know, that haircut might help someone in the long run, like a job or even a important date.


When becoming a barber, you are liable for every thing going on with your clients hair. That include cut, scraps, bruises, and even patches. Your responsible for your own work.


With being a barber, there Stiff competition for high-end jobs. This means there are a lot o barbers in the industry and its hard to keep a well balanced clientele because you may never know who could take your next client.

Work Days

Although a barber may choose how long he or she may work, his or her most busiest days are going to be the weekends and holidays, which are days usually people don’t work. Most people tend to get their haircut around these times so barbers have to work on holidays and weekends which cuts into their free time.

Physical Health

Barbers spend almost 100% of their time on their feet, which can be damaging to their back and legs. This can actually affect them in the long run and cause there carrers to become short.  Even if they feel as if they can’t cut another head, they still have to keep the job going.