Q. How long is the program?

A. We offer two schedule options. Full time takes approximately 9 months to complete, part-time will take approximately 15 months.

Q. Does the school accept financial aid?

A. Yes. We have financial aid available for those who qualify.

Q. Can a student be compensated while in training?

A. No, all services preformed are for training purposes only. However, students may receive tips at the clients discretion.

Q. What is the difference between a Master Barber and a Registered Barber?

A. The Master Barber can perform chemical services and a Registered Barber cannot.

Q. Do you accept transfer students?

A. Yes, however the state barber board only allows barbering transcript hours. Cosmetology hours will not be accepted.

Q. What is the cost of the program?

A. Our prices vary, depending on the program you choose. Refer to our admissions tab for information on pricing.

Q. What hours are the students in training?

A. Full-time: Tuesday-Friday 8:30a-4:30p and Saturday from 8a-1p. Part-time: Tuesday-Friday 8a-1:30p and Saturday 8a-1p.

Q. Do you offer night classes?

A. Not at this time.

Q. Are students trained to style all hair types?

A. Yes, we are a multicultural training facility.

Q. Do you offer a Cosmetology program?

A. No, we do not offer cosmetology, however, our Master Barber program offers a curriculum similar to cosmetology with an emphasis on haircutting and shaving.

Q. How do I qualify for financial aid?

A. See our Admissions tab for information on financial aid.

Q. Do you offer weekend classes?

A. Due to requirements by financial aid granting institutions, we no longer allow weekend classes.

Q. Do you offer special class schedules?

A. Due to requirements by financial aid granting institutions, we no longer allow special class schedules.

Q. What is the difference between On the Job Training (OJT), and training in a Barber School?

A. The state board requires OJT students to obtain 1920 training hours, while barber school students are only required to obtain 1500 hours. Most states do not recognize OJT licenses, therefore your license will not transfer to those states,  a license from a barber school setting is recognized in all 50 states.

Q. With a barber license, can I teach OJT?

A. No, you must obtain an instructor license to train OJT students.

Q. Is my license from the school transferable to other states?

A. Yes. States that require the same amount of training hours as SC will allow your SC license to transfer

Q. What’s the difference between B-Unique and a franchise school?

A. Franchise schools primarily use and promote their own product line. The curriculum is generally centered around the use of one particular line which restricts the student from becoming familiar with a variety of products.

Q. What does accreditation mean?

A. Accreditation means that a school has been evaluated by a team of experts in the field of Barbering and were found to meet the highest standards.

Some of these standards include:

  • Current books and equipment.

  • Current curriculums which are periodically updated

  • Instructors have training experience beyond minimum requirements

  • Safe and modern facilities

  • Fairness in all financial transactions

  • Employment assistance

  • Graduate follow-up

Q. Are all Schools accredited?

A. Definitely not! All beauty schools must be approved by the state board, but these are only minimum requirements.

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