Career Opportunities

Persons wanting to become barbers must have finger dexterity and a sense of form and artistry.  They should enjoy dealing with the public and be willing and able to follow patrons’ instructions.  Because hairstyles are constantly changing, barbers must keep abreast of the latest fashions and barber techniques.  Business skills are important for those who plan to operate their own salons. Many schools help their students find jobs.   Advancement usually is in the form of higher earnings as barbers gain experience and build a steady clientele, but many manage larges salons or open their own after several years of experience. Additional Career Opportunities for barbers are as follow:

Product Distributor

Product Educator

Beauty Magazine Editor

Barber School Instructor/ OJT Instructor

State Board Member

Hair Color Specialist

Hair Designer

Accreditation Specialist

Medical Aesthetician

Photo/Movie Barber-Stylist

Platform Artist

Cosmetic Chemist

Shop Owner/Manager

Texture Service Specialist

Wig/Extension Specialist

Retail Specialist