Owner Bio

Shanita Peppers works diligently to ensure the success of B-Unique Beauty & Barber Academy . She is primarily responsible for all policies of the academy and financial aid administration. She creates new ideas to assist in the success of her students. She also performs various other tasks including the general day to day operations and training of her students. Ensuring that they are introduced to the latest in barbering technology.

Shanita Peppers has always had a passion for doing hair for as long as she could remember. At age 7 she remembers combing other children’s hair and playing beauty shop. She continued to cultivate her passion by combing and styling family members and friends’ hair. She would say all the time that when she grew up she was going to open a beauty shop.
Shanita Peppers is now the proud business owner of B-Unique Beauty & Barber Academy in Greenville, Protégé Barber College in Laurens and Spartanburg & Co-Owner of Younique Beauty College in Laurens SC. She has founded a Creative learning Institution for the Hair Care Industry. In this role, Shanita manages a team providing a structured curriculum for the students including all aspects of theory, practical and clinic training.
Her key strengths for this endeavor are her intimate knowledge of the Barber/Beauty Industry, her superior communication skills with the customers and her colleagues, and her ambition to succeed. When contemplating new opportunities she was brainstorming a way in which she could combine something she loved with something that she would be able to do to help the community as well as other business ventures. Having a love for performing different types of services on all hair types, she had a novel idea. Ms. Peppers already had the experience of owning and operating a beauty & barber business, so after a lot of market research she undertook the task of opening an elite educational center, B-Unique Beauty & Barber Academy in 2002 and its sister company Protégé Barber College in 2015
A big believer in the Art of Beauty culture, Shanita supports education. For this reason, she has founded the S3 (Schools Supporting Schools) program, which is a fund-raising program that prepares high school students not to give up on education or their career endeavors due to lack of financial backing.
Shanita Peppers is a qualified Master Barber, Cosmetologist, Instructor, Nail Technician, and Notary and holds Master Barber and Instructor licenses from State Board of South Carolina. She completed her training as a Cosmetologist at The Toledo Academy of Beauty Culture in Toledo, Ohio in 1987, after which she received her license from the Ohio State Board of Cosmetology. Ms. Peppers then chose to pursue her artistic ability further by continuing her education at the aforementioned Academy in 1991, by completing a course in Nail Technology, also receiving her license for this from the Ohio State Board of Cosmetology.
Shanita is no stranger to the hard work that the Beauty and Barber Industry entails having spent 21 years in the industry, which taught her the importance of sterilization, sanitation, and maintenance of healthy hair, nails and skin. Customer service is also something that she learned the value of, knowing that if you keep your customers happy they will return again and again.
Shanita has more than 27 years of experience in Cosmetology, 25 years in Nail Technology, and 21 years of experience in Barbering. Prior to starting her Barber Academy, Shanita spent 2 years as the business owner of Simply the Best Nail Studio, and then added Strictly Kids Salon to the studio, for an additional 2 years. Having a large demand for adult services as well, she then expanded to a larger location that would accommodate the needs of her rapidly growing business. Providing Hair Services for all ages in the new location, she changed the name of the business to B-Unique Beauty/Barber Salon in 2000. Ms. Peppers later saw the demand for quality Barbering education and was asked by many OJT (On the Job Training) students if there was another way for them to get their Barber license. The idea was created to open a Barber School where the students could obtain their license in a structured setting. Ms. Peppers dissolved B-Unique Beauty/Barber Salon, due to the demand for a Barber school being much greater. There were no Barber Schools in the area at the time. That is what inspired Ms. Peppers to open B-Unique Barber Academy in 2002. In 2005, having seen a need for an OJT site, she then opened Main Event Sports Barber Shop. The reason behind opening a Barber/Styling Shop was to have a place for the students from B-Unique Barber Academy to have a place to advance their training.
Shanita helps men and women feel good about themselves by becoming and being their own boss, setting their own schedules, and having an unlimited earning potential.
B-Unique Beauty & Barber Academy offers a wide range of programs and services from Registered Barbering, to Master Barbering, and Barber Assistant. The services offered by her Academy range from Hair Cutting to Chemical Services. Drawing on 21 years experience in the Beauty and Barber Industry by owning and operating Simply The Best Nail Studio and B-Unique Beauty/Barber Salon, Ms. Peppers now mainly focuses on B-Unique Beauty & Barber Academy.
After a successful career as a Cosmetologist/Nail Technician/Barber, Ms. Peppers teaches and advises other people how to achieve the same success. Passionate about entrepreneurship and its possibilities, Ms. Peppers provides training services that help men and women to pursue entrepreneurship.
Shanita Peppers lives in Greenville, SC, and has two daughters who are also licensed Master Barbers and Instructors at B-Unique Barber Academy. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, and going to sporting events.
To contact Shanita Peppers please email speppers@bubba-online.com or call 864-233-0056