Price List

B-Unique Beauty & Barber Academy
September 6th 2018

Clipper Cuts All Men/Women/Kids $5 w/beard $8
Shear Cuts Haircuts/End Trim Women/Men/Kids $7
Designer Cuts All Razor/Tattoo $8
Trimmer Shape Only Beard/Mustache Edge Up/Shape Up $5
Razor Cuts/Shave All Face Shave $8 w/beard $10
Eyebrow Arching Eyebrow Arch w/razor $7
Facial All Supreme $10 w/beard $12
Shampoo /Styles
Shampoo Only Scalp Massage Men/Women/Kids $7.00
Shampoo w/Blow Dry Men/Women/Kids $12.00
*Thermal Styling Only Curl Hair Hot Curl $15.00
Shampoo/Blow Dry Style Hot Curl $20.00
Shampoo/Roller Setting Set/Wrap Magnetic Roller $25.00
Shampoo/Roller Setting Spiral Set Perm Rods $30.00
Press and Curl Natural Hair Women/Men $30.00
*Twists/locks Twists Gel/Locks $35.00
Quick Weave Extensions Women $45.00
*Braids/Cornrolls Natural Hair Men/Women/Kids $25.00
Updo All Women/Kids $35.00
Hair Bonding Extensions Glued Per/Track $5.00
Take Down Styles All Services Braids/Weave $10.00
Hair Treatments
Conditioner Leave-In All Services Free
Deep Conditioner Keratin Treatment For Shedding $10.00
Hair/scalp treatment After Calcium $8.00
Dry & Itchy Scalp Hot Oil Dry Scalp/ Dandruff $10.00
Regular or Sensitive Scalp w/Roller Setting Or Blow Dry & Curl $30.00
Corrective Relaxer or Virgin w/Roller Setting Or Blow Dry & Curl $35.00
Semi- Permanent Rinse Color $7.00
Permanent Color Men Color Color $20 w/beard $25
Permanent Color Single Process One Step $35.00
Hair Lightening Bleach/Toner Color w/Frost $35.00
Hair Lightening Streaks With or Without /Cap $40.00
Permanent Color Double Process Two Step $45.00
Add $10 for double Service Add $7 for Extra Product

TUESDAY SPECIALS: Relaxer Combo $40.00 ask about all the services 
$2.00 Kid Kuts 12 and under only

WEDNESDAY SPECIALS: Woman cuts $4.00